Innovative Fire Safety Solutions

Protect your home and business with our state-of-the-art fire safety solutions that go beyond traditional fire extinguishers. Our innovative technology ensures quick and effective fire suppression, providing you with peace of mind and unparalleled safety.


Safeguard your business premises, industrial facilities, and commercial kitchens with rapid and eco-friendly fire suppression technology.


Ensure safety and peace of mind in your home with our rapid and efficient fire suppression technology, designed to protect your residential spaces effectively.

Become a Distributor

Bring innovative and life saving fire suppression technology to your market, ensuring safety and peace of mind for businesses and homes alike.

Alternative Fire Solutions

Our range of fire safety products offers advanced alternatives to traditional fire extinguishers, designed to meet diverse needs across various applications. 


Changing Fire Landscape

Modern fires present new hazards with evolving fuel sources such as new building materials, hybrid and electric vehicles, and Lithium-Ion batteries, coupled with reduced firefighting staff.


Various Applications

From portable solutions perfect for camping to robust systems ideal for manufacturing environments, our products offer comprehensive fire protection. 


Early Intervention Tools

We offer a range of portable and fixed fire suppression equipment, StaySafe All-in-1 and PanSafe, Lithium Ion battery emergency response kits, and EV/ICE fire blankets for both public and private use.


Innovative Technology

Our products are designed to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring non-corrosive, non-oxygen depleting, and safe solutions for people, pets, and electronics.

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